Manali is the most visited and adored hill stations of India. People have really high thoughts for this scenic destination. A trip from Manali to Kullu always ranks as an important part of the ultimate escape to Manali. The place always remains at the top of the bucket list of every backpacker. Today, Manali has become one of the most famous hill stations of India and travelers from all over the world visit this land of snow and water in extreme summers and even in the winter.

Now, look at some amazing facets of Manali that will surely intrigue you to visit this beautiful abode of nature.


Unique adventurous activities to try in Manali:


Trekking- Manali is a perfect delight for all the adventure seekers who are looking for adventure amidst the fascinating hills. It is a great spot for camping and trekking. For this, Manali’s Mountaineering Institute allows its visitors to try a variety of hiking and rock-climbing activities. If you are looking for something new during your trip to Manali, Yoga-Trekking is something not to be missed. It is an altogether different activity which involves spiritual wellness and physical well-being too. This type of activity is perfect for both who wants to seek adventure and tranquillity together.


Skiing- While vacationing in Manali, how could someone forget to enjoy the revitalizing experience of skiing? It is a thrilling sport that can rush your adrenaline to another level. The fascinating snow-covered mountains double the fun of skiing. Still, if you want to try something more exciting then heli-skiing or yak-skiing are two more options that can act as a CHERRY ON THE CAKE for your trip.


River-Rafting- Now, if we talk about the most exhilarating water sport activity of Manali then no mind can skip thinking about river-rafting. And for a great experience of river-rafting, one must come across the enchanting river Beas. It is a perfect spot to get indulged into some action amid the extreme flowing waves of sparkling and clear waters. Apart from this, you can also try out some more adventurous water sports activities like; canoeing, kayaking, and white water rafting.

Next on our list has to be the FOOD, as I cannot think about anything else than the authentic and scrumptious food of Manali right now.


It’s time to satiate your taste buds with the amazingly delicious food of Manali.


No trip is ever complete without food and if you haven’t tried the mouth-watering street of Manali then you are definitely missing one of the most important parts of the real culture of this captivating land of lush greenery and splendid mountains. Try delicious street food of Manali, as it is the best possible way to experience the culture and traditions of this scenic destination. As you eat the first bite you will come to know that the food is not only tasty and affordable but also the best cuisine of North India. Some of the yummy dishes from the streets of Manali are Masala Omelette, Dham, Red Rice, River Trout, Kadhi Chawal, and Tea. Last but not least don’t forget to get your hands on the traditional Rhodo wine in 5-6 different flavors.


Now, what’s more, to expect from a place to turn your holiday into an unforgettable and the best time of your life. VISIT MANALI, WISH YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY JOURNEY!!!